Kevin Gillese

is a Canadian comedy guy. He was the Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton for a while, then he was the Artistic Director of Dad’s Garage in Atlanta for a really long time. He has written and directed lots of theatre, and most recently he wrote and produced the film „How to Ruin the Holidays“.



Aitor Basauri

Aitor is a master teacher, specializing in clown, improvisation, and the creation of original work. He is one of the most sought after clowning teachers in the world.  Aitor trained with the legendary Philippe Gaulier aka ‚The Tormentor‘ and incorporates many of Philippe’s poetic philosophies into his own teaching, (although he happily leaves out the tormenting).  Aitor has a unique talent for pushing his students to be honest and vulnerable, embrace their true comedic potentials, and claim their inner fools.


Felipe Ortiz

is a performer, director, and teacher interested in exchanging, interacting, playing, and sharing experiences with different artists worldwide. He is passionate about the body in movement and its possibilities; and explores it through acrobatics, improvisation, clowning, physical theater, and object manipulation to create new expression forms in performing arts. Since 2003, he’s been touring the world with different projects in festivals, companies, and artist collaborations. He is well-known in the international scene as an improv, physical theatre and clown teacher.