Teach what they need - 01.-03.März 2024

Die NowHere-Akademie lädt ein, im Rahmen der Fortbildungs-Serie UNLOCKING CREATIVITY an verschiedenen Aspekten rund um das Anleiten von Workshops und Proben für Improspieler*innen zu arbeiten. Modul 1 von UNLOCKING CREATIVITY beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema „Teach what they need“ und wird 10 Stunden Workshop mit Shawn Kinley sowie 4 Stunden mit Nadine Antler umfassen. Für die Arbeit mit Shawn Kinley wird eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche bereitgestellt.

NowHere-Academy invites you to the workshop series: UNLOCKING CREATIVITY, where we work on various aspects of teaching workshops and leading rehearsals for improvisers. Modul 1 – workshop contains the content of „Teach what they need“ and will contain 10 workshop hours with Shawn Kinley and 4 hours with Nadine Antler. There will be a translation provided for German-English-communication within the workshop-context.

Teaching a better workshop or rehearsal

IF you are an Improviser with a reasonable amount of empathy, you’ll likely be a proficient teacher. The problem with most teachers is that they don’t use their improvisation skills to teach as well as they could.

Most teachers rely on traditional teaching methods that look at the lesson plan and the pre-determined outcome before they look at the student in the room. You can get to your desired destination easier by considering your partner – the student – in a deeper way.

The class will assist you with tools and theory to develop in moment lessons that are supplemented by your planned class and rehearsals. You will be practicing what you preach: The improviser who can improvise and adapt with empathy to create inspiration for their partner in the room.


Cost & Accommodation

Workshopgebühr/Workshop-fee: 369,- Euro/euros (incl. Umsatzsteuer/ VAT)

Unterbringung und Verpflegung kann im Alten Forsthaus Germerode kostengünstig dazugebucht werden. Affordable accomodation and food can be booked in as well in the Altes Forsthaus Germerode for 155 euros in a single room and 130 euros in a twin room.

Nichtalkoholische Getränke wie Wasser, Kaffee, Tee etc. sind im Preis enthalten. // Non-alcoholic drinks like water, coffee, tea etc. are included in the fee.

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